Who can join open studio time:

Anyone who has a prior experience with clay like anyone who has attended ceramic classes for wheel throwing or handbuilding. 


What you can do:

You can work at the wheel for throwing and trimming.

You can use the table in the shop area for handbuilding and the tables in the glaze room for glazing.

A studio assistant will be present to show where to find the materials and tools and how to store your works when you have finished your shift.

Storing your works and cleaning:

Everything you make needs to be put on a wooden batts and left on a dedicated shelf with your name on it. if you are not coming the day after for trimming or completing your works, you have to cover it with a plastic bag so it does not dry.

Please clean the tools, wheel, tables and wedging table when you have finished.

What materials can you use:

You can use the studio clay, engobe, trimming tools, shaping tools for handbuilding, plasters and wooden batts.



Each shift is made of 2 hours.

The calendar for the open studio time will be updated monthly with new dates and vary every month according to other studios activities.



The cost includes:

  • use of the studio space and equipment
  • clay
  • engobe and glazes

Firing costs are charged separately and are:

  • 6€/kg for bisque
  • 8€/kg for glaze firing

Extra firing costs can be charged in case of pieces with sizes that take up a big space in the kiln (like tall and big vases or big sculptures).The studio can refuse to fire objects that are likely to break during the firing and cause damage to the kiln or to others works.

How to book your shift:

You can book your shifts for the wheel or handbuilding on the workshop page.

You can book multiple shifts at a time.

Shift Cancelation:

Shift can be cancelled with full refund up to 24h before the beginning of the shift.

In case of no show or late notice, no refund will be processed. The amount could be used as a voucher for the next booking.

Safety and Personal belonging:

The studio makes sure to create a safe environment. All materials used are safe and not toxic.

Use a ffp2 mask when sanding bisque and/or gloves when glazing.

The studio is not responsible for your personal belongings during your open studio time so please do not bring any items of value.

Smoking is not permitted.