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LEARN THE WHEEL - Beginner - (5 Weeks - 12h)

LEARN THE WHEEL - Beginner - (5 Weeks - 12h)

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Learn the Wheel in a 5 Weeks workshop to create ceramic products such as cups, vases and bowls. Small class of 2-3 participants.

Day 1 – 2,30h – Introduction to Clay, Wedging and Centering.

I will give you a brief introduction of how the ceramic process works. We will prepare the clay for being thrown at the wheel (wedging).

After a demonstration on how to center you will try it out with my help and guidance.

Day 2- 2,30h – Cylinders

You will learn the basics technique to pull up cylinders to make cups, mugs and vases.

Day 3 – 2,30h – Bowls and Trimming

You will learn the basic techniques to create bowls of different shapes and sizes. You will have the chance to trim the cylinders created the previous lesson to refine the shape and decorate the surface.

Day 4 – 2,30 h – Keep going with bowls and Cylinders

In this last session you will keep practicing on bowls and cylinders exploring different shapes and sizes. You will have the chance to trim the bowls created in the previous session.

Your trimmed works will be bisque fired at 900 °C.

Day 5 – 2 h – Glazing Session

We will glaze together the bisque works using different techniques such as dipping, pouring, layering.

Your glazed works will be fired at 1240 °C in 2-3 Weeks. I will let you know when they are ready for pick up.

If you cannot attend the glazing day, you can join another the session of another group.

Prices are per person. 

Please read Terms and condition on Workshop page before joining the Workshop ” Learn the Wheel”.

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