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TABLEWARE SET - Intermediate - (5 Weeks - 12h)

TABLEWARE SET - Intermediate - (5 Weeks - 12h)

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Keep going with the wheel and learn new techniques. Small class of max 3 participants.

You had some much fun on your first taste of the wheel that you can’t wait to learn more?

If you already have some experience at the wheel this workshop will help you to strengthen your skills.

You will have help and guidance to explore additional techniques and shapes.

The focus of this workshop is on tableware:

Day 1 – 2,5h – Plates

Day 2 – 2,5h – Shallow Bowls and Ramen Bowls

Day 3 – 2,5h – Lidded forms and Jars

Day 4 – 2,5h – Trimming, decorating and finishing all your works

Your works will be bisque fired at 900 °C.

Day 5 – 2h – Glazing – This session will be scheduled separately as all your works are bisque fired and ready to be glazed.

We will glaze together the bisque works using different techniques such as dipping, pouring, layering.

Your glazed works will be fired at 1230 °C in 2-3 Weeks. You will be informed when they are ready for pick up.

Prices are per person. 

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