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GLAZE CHEMISTRY LAB - Intensive Summer

GLAZE CHEMISTRY LAB - Intensive Summer

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  • 5 Sessions (14h)
  • Lectures + Labs
  • All materials included
  • Small group of 5-6

Developing your own glazes is a key step in making your ceramic pieces unique and this workshop is designed for those who have no or little experience in creating their own glazes and have always be intimidated by the process.

Creating a glaze means first knowing the raw materials, their properties, and how they interact with each other.

In this course you will learn about the main ingredients for making a glaze and how to manipulate the chemical formulas to achieve the desired texture and colors.

You will gain confidence in starting to test glazes on your own by tackling hands-on tests using the appropriate equipment and practices. 

At the end of the class you will be able to navigate with confidence through the resources such as glaze recipes books or online recipes database.


  • Know the materials and sources
  • Understand chemistry and Formula
  • Lab practice 


Every session consist of a Lecture and a Lab. Handouts will be provided for every Lecture. The results of each Lab will be discussed in the following session.

SESSION 1 (3 h):

- Introduction to glaze chemistry

- The role of Fluxes

- Raw materials sources

LAB 1:

- lab equipment and safety

- testing a glossy glaze with colour blends 


SESSION 2 (3h):

- UMF Formula

- Stull Chart

- Temperature and Cones

LAB 2:

- testing opacifiers

- testing a semi-matte or matte glaze


SESSION 3 (3h):

- Glossy/Matte

- Colorants

- Glaze Flaws

LAB 3:

- Make your own glaze recipe

- Manipulate the UMF 


SESSION 4 (3h):

- How to use UMF Calculator

- How to use

- Special effects glazes 

LAB 4:

- Working on your own glaze

SESSION 5 (2h):

- Discussion of all tests done

- Q&A



Please note that the course will focus on developing functional glazes for mid-range temperature (Cone 4-7, with focus on Cone 6, ca 1240 C) fired in electric kilns.

There will be a total of two firings: on the first day(tests will be ready for third day) and fourth day (tests will be ready for the last day).

Glazing techniques are not part of this workshop.

This is NOT an online workshop. All sessions will take place in my studio in Berlin.


The glazes recipes for the LABs will be provided by the Studio, it is not possible to bring your own recipe.

Test tiles in white clay will be provided but you can bring your own. Only tiles made with stoneware clay that can be fired up to 1240 C will be accepted. You can bring flat tiles (2x7 cm ca), or vertical tiles. Please also provide a picture of the clay bag you used.

During the LABs is mandatory to use a FFP2 mask, please bring your own. Aprons and gloves will be provided.


Fees are per person and include all materials, firings and test tiles.

By registering to the workshop you accept the Terms and conditions.

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